Friday, September 9, 2016


Well, yesterday was...interesting. After schooling I decided it was time to move a giant aloe plant that the husband had tried to move by himself and ended up knocking over on it's enormous side. With the help of the oldest child we got it sorted, but as a result I am now covered in enough cuts to look like like I got in a fight with a small tiger and lost. I feel like that happened as well. It was just after that that my throat started to get scratchy and the day just went downhill from there. Right now I'm sore and scratched up from the aloe event and clearly sick as well.

That wasn't the whole day though. I managed to make the tatted ring order after the aloe and before whatever plague I've gotten settled in and made me miserable. You can even see a couple of the smaller leg scratches in the picture. I tried to avoid photographing them altogether, but there are too many and I was too tired to make a better effort. I also got a little knitting in and some knotting. I didn't get very far with anything though. Actually I'm surprised I had enough brain power to remember to take photos. I'm crossing my fingers that this cold or whatever it is moves on quickly. The youngest child was only sick for about 48 hours when she had it, so I have hope.

Oh, I almost forgot the last event of the day that was definitely the cherry on top of a very unpleasant sundae. Our television started acting up and going to a black screen or a screen full of weird colored lines. A little internet searching revealed that our particular television has a habit of this problem that pretty much means it will be dead soon and fixing it will likely cost more than replacing it which is not a cheap thing either. Yep, I've definitely had better days, though I suppose I've definitely had worse as well. Best to look on the bright side.

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