Friday, September 2, 2016

One Down

You'll never guess what happened late yesterday afternoon. Yep, the biggest schooling issue was resolved, leaving a couple of other issues in its wake, not least of all is the need to now catch up on all the classes we missed the last 4 days. Now the real stress starts as we just now get to use the new online system and find all the questions we didn't know we needed the answers to before. So, yay.

Now I'm not certain if I'll finish the doily this week, maybe over the weekend, but my focus has definitely shifted and from what little I've already gleaned from the new schooling system tells me we're going to be much busier this year. Man, I really wish we'd had access to the system even before school began to get used to it. I hate being under-prepared. Here's hoping things smooth out quickly and I'm in a better mood next week.

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