Wednesday, September 21, 2016

So Little

I accomplished so little yesterday that writing this morning seems like a very silly thing to bother doing. I am awake though and I have a little time to kill before I hit the treadclimber, so write I shall. I got to about 56% in the novel I'm reading and since I started last Tuesday I've feeling pretty good about my progress. If the book had page numbers I'm guessing I've read about 800 of them so far and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

I didn't, however, do much else. I started another pair of cat ears, but then set them aside. I knitted a few rows, but set that eventually aside as well. I watched a couple of shows I had dvr'd including that new one, The Good Place, which I think I will definitely keep watching as it's quirky and weird and I've been missing that from TV lately. Unfortunately I think today might very well be a repeat of yesterday, so I'll at least try to take a picture of something to liven up the boring post for tomorrow.

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