Thursday, September 1, 2016

So Slow

Nope, school issues are not yet fixed. I am assured that people are working on it, but I fail to understand why it's so difficult to fix. Perhaps it's because no one has yet explained what the actual issue is, but really I don't care what or how, I just need taken care of and I am beginning to lose my very carefully cultivated sense of patience. The oldest child currently has no classes, nor materials. Oh, and I'm sure you're already sick of hearing me whine about it as well, so let's cross our fingers that it's resolved soon for all our sakes.

Onto doily news. Well, there's really no actual news. I'm at about 21cm across right now. I still think I should get it done by weeks end. Though to tell you the truth, this week is the longest one I've experienced in some time. I suppose it's true that vacation flies by, but work crawls and work riddled with problems that have to be fixed by someone else is downright sloth-like. So, here's to school problems miraculously fixed, many surprise sales in my etsy shop, and time moving at a more acceptable pace.

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