Monday, September 12, 2016

To Hope

Well, let's see, the aloe cuts are all healing nicely and the sore muscles have almost completely abated. I have had weird cold symptom recurrences all weekend including the mother of all headaches last night, but this morning I'll risk saying I'm feeling pretty good. Oh, and the television died a silent death on Friday afternoon, going to black and staying there.

So as you might've guessed we spent Saturday shopping for and then setting up a new television. Thankfully they are much cheaper than they were we when bought the one that died, but it was still a pretty painful purchase. Of course it's one of those new smart TV's because that's what they all are now, so we spent the rest of the day figuring out how to use it.

Sunday I got to sit and knit and knot. I haven't been measuring the latest doily, but it seems to be coming along nicely. Since I don't know how big it is, I'm not sure how much longer I have before it's done.

This week we're also breaking in a new teacher for the oldest child. I'm definitely a 'roll with the changes' sort of person, but I am disappointed that we're going from a teacher with over a decade of experience with this program to a fellow who was just hired and who has never taught this grade before either. To say I'm feeling a little apprehensive is a bit of an understatement. Hopefully the transition will be smooth and my worries will be unwarranted. I'm also hoping for some sort of huge surprise purchases in my shop to take the edge off of our weekends unexpected purchase. Here's to hope.

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