Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Schooling is starting to get into a bit of a rhythm, but we're still missing materials, and the oldest child is getting a different teacher this week, so I'm not certain how many tempo changes may still be in store for us. For the moment though I've got some semblance of a routine, so I managed to get some things done.

This is theoretically the last gift doily I'm making this season, though we all know that could change. I've tried to make each one at least a little unique, but I tried a little harder on the beginning of this one. If I mange to keep it up, this one should look pretty different, well as different as a doily using the same technique can look anyway.

I also managed to get laundry done and to put a cap on the day, the youngest child has come down with some plague or other. It's likely just a matter of time before I, or the other child get it as well. She's basically a ticking time-bomb of illness, but she was still able to get her school work done before the worst of it hit. I'm crossing my fingers for heath, class materials, and yes, sales in my dead etsy shop today.

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