Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Read and Knot

Well, yesterday went just as I though it would. I spent much of the day with my kindle in my lap, reading while I tried to pay just enough attention to my knotting that I wouldn't mess anything up. I was actually much more successful at both endeavors than I thought I would be. There are no page numbers for the book on the kindle, so I can only tell you that I managed to get to 9% yesterday. At the same time I managed to get to 8 inches on the doily.

I don't think I can expect the same kind of progress everyday though. The kids had a light schooling day and I had little else that needed doing yesterday, save for software updates. I am quite enjoying the book, though I must say that it is definitely not for everyone. Saying it's a weird one would be a gross understatement and I'm fairly certain that I haven't even scratched the surface of the weird it has in store later in the novel.

So today is the same plan as yesterday, unless I get wonderfully distracted by a tatting order or something of that nature. Here's to a wonderful distraction sooner rather than later.

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