Monday, October 3, 2016

One Done

I had quite a weekend. I finished the enormous novel Jerusalem on Friday. It was definitely worth the read, though again it is not for everyone. I feel like I learned things and achieved something by finishing it. I get the feeling it would have meant even more had I been from Northampton, or really any other small city with real history, but here the history is awfully shallow.

Saturday, I knitted a lot because we were binge watching Luke Cage on Netflix pretty much all day. The binging spilled over into Sunday as well as the knitting. There was another fun task on Sunday though. We recently had a false alarm with all our smoke alarms going off and we learned that you're supposed to replace them all every 10 years. So, alarms were ordered and we sussed out which circuit they were all on, since they're all interconnected in our house. Sunday it was up and down ladders to get them all wired, installed and tested. Basically my legs are sore and I'm surprised that I can hear again today.

I did make significant progress on the knitted blanket, but there's more work still of course. I also got in the other shadow box frames for the doilies, so I might take some time today to get those all mounted. There were no orders in the shop over the weekend, so these are the only tasks I have to start the week with. Here's to a good one.

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