Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Recap

It was a really, really long weekend. I had a lot of alone time on Friday, but I didn't get much reading done as I was trying to catch up on shows that kids really ought not watch with me. I did get some knotting done though.

We spent Saturday morning at the Northern California Renaissance Faire. We've been going every year since it started at Casa de Fruta. Honestly, at this point, we mostly go for the food; our favorite is the Toad in the Hole.  This year there were quite a few new vendors and I was surprised by one I was familiar with online because of my now defunct steampunk blog. We had a lovely chat and at one point they realized they were familiar with my online presence as well. That sort of 'internet comes alive' moment is pretty rare. I could probably count with less than one hand how many people I've met in real life that I first encountered online.

Sunday turned into an accidental Halloween costume shopping trip for the oldest child after we accidentally ran across a squirrel tail that was perfect for a costume she had wanted to do last year, but had given up on, Marvel's Squirrel Girl. It was a strange day of shopping. It wasn't until the evening that I was able to do any more reading or knotting. I think I'm almost done with this doily. I might get it wrapped today, but I did sell my last cat ear headband yesterday though, so I have some tatting that needs doing as well. The book should have me for at least another week or two, it's a dense tome.

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Wow this is suercalifrajulisticexpaladocious! well you know what I mean :)