Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekend Recap

There was much running around over the weekend and I didn't finish the latest doily until yesterday. Here it is all done though. I also started a knitting project as well. This time it's a blanket that's meant to be a gift as well. With my etsy shop so slow and bringing in little to no money, I decided to really focus on handmade gifts this year. They will both use the time I have with no customer projects, and make sure we don't spend money I haven't made.

I started the last doily on my gift list as well. There's always a chance that I'll think of someone else that would like one, but I think this one might be it, at least for the time being.I didn't take a picture of it yet, but I'm guessing it's what you'll be looking at tomorrow. I should make a little progress even with all the catch up schooling I need to do with the oldest child this week. It's become a necessary stress relief technique.

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