Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Recap

Ah Monday, if nothing else you always seem to remind me of how much I didn't get done over the weekend. I mean, I did things, but honestly all this reading, while soothing to my soul, does not make me feel like I accomplished anything as there is nothing concrete to show for my efforts. I did finish reading Station Eleven, excellent book, and I read another comic book series all the way through. After that I started yet another novel. This time it was on of those Kindle First books that they offer for free before they release. I think I'm almost finished with that one as well. I only tell you all this because writing it out is the closest thing I have to that concrete evidence that I accomplished something like I mentioned before.

Other than reading there was the usual family adventuring and occasional movie watching with the kids. I did mange to finish one craft related project. I had been knitting a cowl for my daughter because she asked for one after I finished mine. I told her no initially, changed my mind and didn't tell her I was knitting for her. It's been a couple of weeks, but I got it finished and at least there's something to show for it. Of course I didn't bother taking any photographic proof, but it exists in the world.

Hopefully the sun will come out today and it will inspire me to finish all those half done tatting projects sitting on my table. At least then I'd have something to take a picture of to liven up tomorrow's post. Crossing my fingers for inspiration, or sales...sales would be great too.

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