Thursday, February 5, 2015


Another long morning of schooling. Well really it's the end part where the child reads that makes it so long, but that's fine. I managed to finish reading another comic book series I was woefully behind on  and I've started reading Station Eleven at the suggestion of Fox. It's a much easier read than that last trilogy I read. Strangely both the comic and the book and one television show I'm watching are all set with a killer virus destroying people at the beginning. I'm not sure that means anything, it's just weird is all.

Anyway, I did get to a little tatting. Not as much as I should have though. I decided to try to turn the new design into a bracelet. It did take a little fiddling to not only lengthen the design, which I did with simple split rings, but also to reduce the bend in the center a bit. It has been suggested that it could be a beginning of a slave bracelet, but I don't think the simple design would survive tacking another section onto it across the hand. It was also suggested that it looks a bit like a headpiece and I am tempted to try that out. It would probably need to be slightly larger and definitely longer and I think that I would need to put a shiny of some sort in the center ring.

Unfortunately I probably won't even get around to getting this in the shop today. let alone work on new pieces. We have an school outing with the kids to a local nature reserve which will likely suck a good chunk of the day away. At least we'll be getting outside on a relatively nice day, which is supposed to be followed by days of rain. At least that's what we're all hoping in our drought stricken area of the country. Either way, sounds like I'll have a few tatting days soon.

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