Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Staying Busy

If there's one thing that keeps my mind occupied, it's doing all the things. Yesterday morning started with cleaning. I vacuumed, mopped floors, and did the laundry. This was quickly followed by the whole family running errands until lunch. That was immediately followed by all of us heading out to the front yard to pull all the winter weeds up and cut back unruly plants. There was a bit of a break after that as we all kind of collapsed from the effort for a bit. Then we got up and went on a nice long walk. All of this kept me off the internet most of the day and kept me from wallowing as well.

I do want to thank everyone for their kind and supportive comments though, I did read those as I finally sat down in the evening. I also pulled out my thread because I needed to continue to be busy. I'm about halfway through remaking a choker necklace that matches the last bracelet I remade. I still have the top row left to complete on it which will give me something to do once schooling is over today. I'm also sorely tempted to continue cleaning the house as I only managed to get the first floor done yesterday. Of course my mood could shift quickly since I am certainly sore from yesterday's efforts. Either way, I'll try to stay busy.

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