Friday, February 20, 2015

Medallions couch bound day meant more television shows removed from the DVR after watching and more tatting accomplished. First I finished up the collar necklace I was working on yesterday. It's an old design that I've made for years after adapting it from a 1940's era collar pattern. Lots of other tatters have had the same idea over the years of course, but I still like my version. It's one of the few pieces I make that must have some Swarovski crystals and rounds to be just right.

After that was done I struggled with what to remake next. I know there are more pieces in my sold out items that I should get back in the shop, but nothing stuck my fancy. I kind of wanted something to jump off the page at me and nothing did, so I decided to do a little tatted doodling.

I rarely start these sort of things with a plan, I usually just start tatting and see what happens. Not that the world needs any more tatted medallions, but that's clearly what I ended up making. Sometimes I wish I was a doily person, because I think I could design tons of those. Of course they wouldn't be anything I would likely be able to sell in my shop though. Anyway, I'll probably make this up in another color or two and hopefully get it listed in the shop as a pendant after I fiddle a bit with the stitch count I think. At least I have a little bit of a plan for the day.

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