Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Long Day

Apparently I needed to clean yesterday on some fundamental level, because as soon as schooling was done I was vacuuming the upstairs and mopping. This was immediately followed by putting together a new water fountain for the cats. Their old was had given up the ghost just before Shade passed and we'd ordered a new one online. Its arrival led to cleaning the space on the floor where their food bowls live and then before I realized it, it was lunchtime.

After lunch I got some reading in while waiting for a mail person to come to the house to fix a package mix-up. It was nice to get back to reading since the weekend sucked my desire to quietly read away. Then once the mail issue was remedied I got some tatting in. I was just continuing to remake this choker, but that was a good thing. There's not much as meditative and soothing as working a familiar, repetitive pattern.

The day ended with a small celebration of my niece's birthday. It was going swimmingly, with the kids playing with their cousins and their neighbors outside, then my oldest child ate asphalt. Well, her knees did anyway. That was pretty much the end of the joy and the visit. She'll be fine, but I'm thinking a nice knee scar is in her future.

I don't have any projects lined up yet for today. The shop is still very quiet, but there are still a few pieces that I could remake if inspiration continues to stay away. I would definitely prefer some inspiration, or a few sales. Either one will do really. Anything, but more cleaning.

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