Thursday, February 26, 2015


It might seem impossible, or perhaps just improbable, but right before schooling the kids yesterday I got two more orders in my etsy shop. Yep, and I was working on making up the black linen earrings at the time as well. So not only was a working on what I said I was going to do, I was also granted an unlikely repeat of the day before. I guess crossing fingers in text works better than I thought.

So I had plenty to work on after schooling. I started with this beaded, woven bracelet. It's a fiddly one to make not only because it has the woven chains which require that I work with a cut piece of thread, but also the base has lock chains that like to twist the ball thread. That mostly means that this bracelet takes twice as long to tat up as another it's size and length, but without those details. I also like it about twice as much as the others I've done in similar sizes.

Even though it takes twice as long, it's still just a small bracelet, so soon I was onto the next piece. This one is much bigger, a pair of barefoot sandals. Not the usual pair that I've remade so many times I could probably make them with my eyes closed. No, these ones are much larger and I think I might have made this design twice, ever. So it definitely required a lot more concentration and at this point I've only managed to finish one of the pair.

Today's tasks include the second barefoot sandal and getting back to the black linen earrings.  I actually made a supply order yesterday since I had had enough sales in a row to justify finally doing so. If I hadn't there would be a lot of necklaces without clasps and earrings without ear-wires in my lace pile very soon. Of course the very fact that I ordered supplies will probably preclude me having another repeat day of sales today, but I'm going to go ahead and cross my fingers for it again anyway. This working on tatting all day long thing has been a treat.

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