Thursday, February 12, 2015

Look, I Tatted

You will never guess what I actually did yesterday. I actually tatted for a good portion of the day and I actually got some things made and back in my shop. Oh, and I did it all while still managing to ready all day. I finished yesterday's novel even before I started schooling the kids for the day. I wasn't going to read anymore so I could focus on tatting, but I guess I couldn't help myself. While tatting up this choker necklace I read one novella. Then when I was working on remaking a mask, I read another novella.

I was actually trying to clean some things out of my kindle app that I had downloaded and never read.  I had a nasty habit of doing that when I didn't think I had the time to read. I think I have a few more odds and ends hiding in my account, so that's what I'll keep reading while tatting. I really got on a roll yesterday and since there are still several pieces that I have yet to remake for the shop, I'm going to focus on that for a bit. Etsy has a new tool that allows you to see at a glace how much any one piece has sold and the value of those sales, so I'm spending some time letting under-performing pieces disappear and remaking the ones that I really should always have in the shop because they sell well. Sure, it's not the most artistic or creative way to choose what to make, but anything that might help sales is what I'm going to do at this point.

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