Tuesday, February 10, 2015


It was quite a lovely day yesterday. As soon as the bulk of schooling was done I got the newest bracelet finished with a clasp, took photos of it, and got it listed in the shop. I even pulled out another project to work on and then it was lunch time. During lunch we went out into the backyard and the sight of it full of winter fed weeds made me want to come out and pull weeds. I know, I know, it was a bad idea. I'm sitting here right now with an incredibly sore back and legs and after three buckets full of weeds, you probably couldn't tell that I did a thing.

After all that physical labor, I opted to read the afternoon away. The oldest is still reading her novel for school and it is taking her many hours a day to do so. The television stays off to keep it from distracting her, so I not only finished the Kindle First novel I mentioned yesterday, but a second one as well. Yep, I finished two novels in one day. Well, I was halfway through the first one, so more like one and a half novels in one day. If I can avoid the urge to do yard work today perhaps I can get back to some tatting. Damn sunshine is so nice, but I have lace work I should do.

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