Friday, February 6, 2015


As expected, I didn't get around to any tatting nor any tatting related tasks. We did school a little early to get ready for the kids outing. We then spent the rest of the morning at Merced National Wildlife Refuge. Seriously, I had never seen so many birds all in one place. We all got binoculars to peer though the fog, but as the fog lifted you didn't them them to see the huge flocks of cranes, herons, and countless waterfowl. We had a great time and vowed to back in the spring when they get an entirely different population of birds.

The fog was completely gone in town and I was greeted by this flower in my front yard that apparently thinks it's spring already. The rest of the day was reading while the oldest daughter read her novel for school. The television makes it harder for her to read, so I've just been reading when she does. I suppose I could have tatted in the evening, but I wasn't feeling like it.

Today I'm hoping to, at the very least, get the bracelet I showed you yesterday up in the etsy shop. I'm not sure what I'll get up to the rest of the weekend. A rain storm is suppose to come through and stay until Monday. It's desperately needed, but we just got the sun back from the fog and I'm going to miss it. It could give me some tatting time though, we'll see.

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