Thursday, February 20, 2014


It was another busy day around these parts. The children's schooling has pretty much established itself as the only thing before lunch, so I'm getting used to have less time to be lazy before I start "work". After we eat, it's straight to the lace. I actually thought that I would have less that needed to be completed yesterday, but then I pulled a necklace I sold and realized that I must have been drunk when I made it, as it was all wrong. Okay, so it is much more likely that I made it while I was sick, or completely distracted, or something because the stitch counts were all wrong. I even used different counts on the same sections without realizing it. Seriously, it was such an embarrassing mess.

So I spent the afternoon speeding though custom orders so I could get this necklace remade as well. I manged to get it all done, but I was thoroughly spent by the evening. I didn't answer any messages, I didn't spend any time on twitter. I was basically a tatting machine. I think this also led to a poor night's sleep because I tossed and turned and did not want to rise this morning at all.

So I start today more exhausted than usual, but still with a queue of tatting to get to. I have a mask, barefoot sandals and a necklace that all need to be remade and listed. Not to mention all the little things I neglected yesterday. There is, of course, no way that it is all getting done today, but it's all on the list. None of these things is expected by a customer though, so I think I might slow it down a bit today and attempt to do things at normal speed.

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