Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Busy Day

The oldest child just started working on the next grade level language arts courses yesterday. The plan is to try and finish a year's worth of those classes in the half a year we have left. So as you can imagine schooling is taking a bit longer and is slightly more draining. We also don't have all the books yet, so we're reading The Hounds of Baskerville together as a fill in since we know she is suppose to read it later in the course. I guess the point is, lots of schooling yesterday and that is likely the new normal.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/178129589/tatted-lace-choker-necklace-clover-drops?I did get the new necklace finally listed yesterday. I'm not overly fond of the photos I settled on but I just did not have the energy to go all out for them. At least I got it done though. I also finished up the barefoot sandal order I had started on Sunday. Sometimes I forget how long those things can take to make. There are just so many steps involved.

It was nearly evening before I remembered that I had yet to do day 10 of the TIAS, so I got that made up quickly. Still no clue as to what is forming. Luckily day 11 is today, so no waiting to continue to not know what is is I'm making.

I finished the day with a custom length bracelet which I thought would be a walk in the park to adjust. I was a little wrong there and it took some time to work out how to properly reduce the size. Once I had that worked out though, it was simple enough to get made. So I start today without anymore orders in queue save for the never-ending mother-in-law list. Honestly, I'm kind of grateful for that list of things to make. It means never getting bored because I haven't anything to do. Of course I will still get bored with what I have to do, because that's just how it is, but that's still better than having nothing to do. Here's hoping for another packed day with lots to tat.

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Madtatter80 said...

Wow that is a nice necklace and sometimes I think if I did the tias I would wait a few days cause it wouldn't be enough to do, such a small amount at a time would drive me crazy ha ha