Friday, February 21, 2014


Yep, yesterday was a much calmer day. With no deadline on pieces, I was able to much more calmly work on tasks. I only managed to finish one necklace during the day, but I'm good with that. I even remembered to stop and take a nice, in progress photo, so today's blog will at least be visually interesting. It's probably still a pretty boring read, but there's not much I can do about that unless I get into fiction.

There are more family guests from out of town visiting. Well, they're not visiting us exactly, they're here for my in-laws, but they will be over for dinner with the family this evening. That means that after schooling, I've got some cleaning to do again. I really didn't let it get too messy around here since last week when we had house guests, but the floors and the counters will most assuredly need a good once over and there are so many of those that it will take a few hours at least.

Once that's done I've still got a mask that needs making and I should make another pair of barefoot sandals as well. I've currently got those listed as a custom order, but life is always easier when I have fewer custom listings in the shop. I honestly haven't forgotten about that choker I recently designed either, I've just put it on the back burner. Maybe I will get the matching bracelet made up and then list the two of them at the same time. Either way, I will share when I finally get it listed. I suppose that's it for the week. Here's hoping for a weekend of sales to make next week a little like this one.


tatterjil said...

The bigger motif in that picture is gorgeous!

God's Kid said...

Love this design!! :)