Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Not Lazy...

I was going to open today by lamenting about how lazy I must be that I haven't yet gotten the choker finished and listed yet. Then I thought, sure, I've been a bit lazy with the tatting lately, particularly the finishing bits, but the amount of other stuff I've done should counteract that, right? I mean, we had house quests all weekend so other folks were also visiting to see them. I was constantly cleaning or visiting myself, not to mention all the food. Then yesterday I even helped with some lawn work that needed doing before Spring decides to take hold and my body is pretty annoyed at me for that decision.

I did tat over the weekend but save for the TIAS, it was mostly to undo things. The missing package to Latvia still hadn't arrived, so I had to deal with replacing that and playing with the shipping insurance stuff. Then there was a pair of kitty ears that didn't want to behave for their owner that I had to make a replacement for and I'm still not done with that yet.

Speaking of the TIAS though, since the last day was released this morning and I saw it in my blog reading list, the final design is spoiled for me even before I posted this next to last piece. I admit, until the two triangles were joined together I had no idea what it was, but I guess it's pretty clear here. So I'll get the last day done to post tomorrow and I'll just have to work harder to make lace I can post photos of once this 'go-to' project is done.

The husband and the kids all have today off, so again I'm likely to get little of consequence done. If the weather is nice again, there's a slight chance I might tackle the backyard, just to get it all over with, but I really would much rather get all my tatting tasks done and follow up with listing the choker and maybe even starting the matching bracelet that I've already got worked out in my head. The odds, however, are not in my favor.

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