Tuesday, February 18, 2014


As I feared, I used far too much time yesterday morning to garden, and by garden what I really mean is, pull weeds. Gardening implies that I have the least idea how to properly prune or care for the plants in our yard. My rule is, if it lives without intervention from us, it was meant to be, if it dies it wasn't and we move on. The weed pulling however, I have down and it's left me quite sore this morning, but at least I can look outside and see that I accomplished something quite clearly.

After that though, I finished up the final day of the TIAS, the cat ears I needed to do, and wrapped up a few other odds and ends. I'm fairly certain that this would look more like a sailboat had I bothered to use a different color for the bottom and mast, but the lazy in me struck again and you just have to squint a bit to see it all correctly. I do enjoy these little projects to make things I never would otherwise.

After that there were some family errands and wanderings and in the late afternoon I got a custom order for a pair of tatted cuffs in dark purple. They're one of my largest cuff designs so even though I started shortly after receiving the order, I haven't even finished the first one yet. They should give me at least a day or two worth of work.

Today should be back to our regular schedule so hopefully I can get out of house guest/vacation mode quickly and get back to work. Sometimes routine is like a nice warm blanket on a cold day.

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