Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I Really Wanted To Do

So, as I thought, schooling again took up the entire morning, so I didn't even get to worry about what I was going to tat until well after lunch. I had started the kids on the task of writing a letter to some cousins and drawing some pictures for them. While they were at it, I kept feeling compelled to make something new. So I tried and I tried again and I failed repeatedly to come up with something interesting enough to keep working at it.

So I sat down my black thread and picked up the white and worked on the TIAS. At least then I would be focused on making something, if just for a few minutes anyway. Yep, still no clue what these are pieces of. Unfortunately, it really did only take a few minutes to get day 11 made up and then I was right back to this strange, undeniable urge to create something.

It took me a while to realize that it was the kids drawing that was compelling me. What I really wanted to do was draw something. I can't tell you how long it's been since I took the time to do that. So I buzzed around the house looking for my drawing pad and good eraser. Then I drew for a while. I drew long enough to get the piece inked before I headed up to watch television with the family. It felt good, though it's not great art or anything, it felt nice to create something from a different way than usual.

I'll likely finish adding ink to the piece today. I don't want to stop until I've finished it, but after that I've got cat ears to tat up again. In fact I think it might be time to finally order more headbands. I'm always terrified that the ones I use won't exist anymore and they work so perfectly for sewing the lace on. Most headbands are covered using satin ribbon and they just don't lend themselves to the process as well. So here's to finishing art, finding supplies and maybe an order or two for the day as well. Yep, that sounds like a fine plan for the day.

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