Monday, February 10, 2014


Another slow weekend with not much to share I'm afraid. It's been nearly a week since I got a sale in the shop and I think I got a bit burnt out on snowflakes, so I took a break for a few days. Times like these are when I'm reminded that a big part of my motivation to create new pieces, is knowing they have homes to go to all over the world. When sales slow down, I start to contemplate stopping altogether, because what good it is to create if those pieces are just laid in a box and never seen by anyone else. Yes, I am aware that this is a bit of an overreaction, but it happens nonetheless. Luckily it has happened enough times that I recognize it and I push through to the other side, albeit slowly and with prodigious amounts of complaining.

I was in enough of a tatting malaise over the weekend that I completely forgot to do the last day of the TIAS. I pulled up the instructions, but then got distracted by something else and failed to get back to it at all. Of course day 13 is out today, so that means I have two days worth to do today. We did go see The Lego Movie over the weekend and that was a damn fine time. There was also a nice walk and some errands, but that was about it.

The kids have the day off of school, but there are other things I need to attend to. Doctor's appointments for my husband and cleaning the house in anticipation of my brother and sister-in-law's visit at the end of the week. All this has me a bit distracted especially since nearly every floor cleaner I have has recently given up the ghost and with sales so down I can't justify replacement purchases. Wow, I am getting whiny this morning. My apologies. I will try to get some tatting in today so I have something cheerful for you tomorrow. In the meantime, there are always cat pictures to share.

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