Friday, February 7, 2014


I'm a little ashamed. Yesterday, after schooling I downloaded a new game for my phone on a whim. I just wanted something new to play, you know, between tasks. Then after lunch I started playing it. Oye, it sucked away hours from my day. Before I knew it, the husband was home for work and I had gotten so little accomplished that I rushed all evening to make up for it.

Before schooling I had gotten the cat ears I needed to make finished, so I wasn't technically neglecting anything that I had to get done. Still I'm on snowflake retainer and I got back to them as soon as I rose back out of my shame spiral. Of course I did only get one done, but then I cooked a nice meal and ended the day feeling slightly less like I had wasted it.

Today promises to be extra busy as well. We got in the books for the oldest child's new courses, so we have to go full steam ahead on them in order to finish everything by the end of the year. On top of that we have one teacher meeting this morning which should take about an hour from our morning. That all means schooling should go well past noon whether the kids like it or not. Hopefully the weekend will bring some business to the shop so I can get focused to work. I would hate to lose anymore days to Spell Quest: Grimm's Journey, though I probably will. I am weak.

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