Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Unfortunately all I have to show you this morning is my recent progress on the TIAS. We're up to day 13 now and I still haven't a clue. The recent piece kind of reminds me of an opossum head, but I'm fairly certain I'm nowhere near the mark. This was all the tatting I managed during the day.

I tried to get some schooling done in the morning, but the kid's online school site was down. Then the day got hard to manage. The kids went off with their grandparents for a spell while I attended the first of two doctor's appointments for the husband. Then the kids came back, but not for long enough for me to settle and get anything done before we were all off again. They with their grandma again and me to the second appointment.

Most of the day was spent waiting in places other than home meaning nothing of consequence could get done. So today it's back to regular schooling and I'm hoping to get some cleaning done before our weekend guests arrive. I generally let the house fall into a state of functional clutter when the holidays are over and I'm not expecting to host any more dinners or get togethers. This means the house really needs a good cleaning.

Still no new sales in the shop, but I did get a rather unexpected phone call regarding ordering some pieces. I say unexpected because my phone number is not attached to my business at all and it is a bit uncomfortable to be tracked down in that way. I'm honestly uncertain how to respond as the request was to buy away from Etsy and I generally do not do that save for very occasionally, locally partly because of all the protections Etsy affords me regarding payment and shopping. Plus I really prefer interacting with strangers through email, me and the phone are not really friends. Yeah, the whole thing just has me very uncomfortable and I have no idea what I'm going to do about it.

So to recap, today will be schooling and cleaning and if I'm very lucky I'll sit down and tat something that will relax me. I really do need to unwind now.

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Sharlyn said...

Phone call to do business outside of etsy? Stick to your gut, sounds like a scam to me