Friday, November 1, 2013

Grrrr & Halloween

Ah, my least favorite way to wake up, to a message that someone has stolen my work for profit or something...they use credits or something there. Anyway, I got a message letting my know someone is trying to sell my tatted mask pattern on a site called Lista. She's got my photo and the pattern, which by the way is free online at Instructables here for anyone to use to make a mask for themselves. I sent a message to the site to try and get it removed, but in the meantime, the most amusing part is when someone asks about tatting being hard, the seller responds, "Its The DIY Instructions On How To Make It Its Really Not A Tatt" So...she probably doesn't even know what tatting actually is, what a silly little bird. I'm tempted to make an account just comment on the listing, but that's a lot of effort for snark, so I likely won't bother.

But, back to nicer things for the morning. It was a lovely Halloween with cute kids that are getting bigger by the minute. They were a Cat-Witch and Bat Girl. We had trick-or-treating at the Husband's work site with all the requite, 'they've gotten so big' and I handed out tatted bead spiders to everyone. Then we had my mother over for her birthday presents, followed by a quick dinner and outside for more trick-or-treating.

It's funny we head about a block or two away from our house into the established neighborhood and there are tons of kids, but back at our house to hand out candy and we saw maybe a dozen. We are on the edge of the development in a newer section, so I guess they just don't want to come this far out. More candy for us though...we'll likely be eating the stuff for months, despite our better judgement.

I didn't get much tatting done though. I did finish the pair of ankle corsets I was working on, but that still leaves three more pieces that need remaking and honestly, I like to have two pairs of the ankle corsets on hand as well, so I'll likely do that if I make through the queue at all. The rest of the weekend should be pretty quiet... I hope. Man, am I overusing the ellipses this morning, sorry about that. It was a long day. I leave you with a picture of my sugar skulls and the artificial pumpkins I carved. Extra points if you know what the orange one is supposed to be. Here's to a nice calm weekend for us all.


Corina Meyfeldt said...

Hi there. You are "guilty" that I started to tat some time ago (I saw your tatted barefoot sandals). I thank you for it.
As for the patern thingy, I think I know what you feel. It is hard to protect your work once it got in the internet. I had a nicer reaction: "if you cannot share your pattern, don't worry, I will count the stiches" Grrrr....

Kellie Jensen said...

I had the same reaction, but I didn't call her a silly little bird. She clearly has no idea WHAT tatting is, or that you do indeed need to practice to make it look nice. I also wanted to join to make a comment, but it really is too much effort for someone who probably still won't get it.

Sewicked said...

On a brighter note, I met someone who asked about a tatted choker and I mentioned your (& wrote down your name for her to find your shop).

TotusMel said...

@Sewicked, thanks so much for that!

Thanks everyone for the commiseration.

Hopelessly Addicted said...

I just found your site and I am in love already. I've seen tatted work before but never tried to learn how to do it. I crochet, so I've always been busy with that. But, seeing your mask instructions makes me want to learn how. So, away I go to youtube to see how to hold a shuttle and how to work it, etc etc etc. Thanks friend. ;-)

On another note, I wonder Are your sugar skulls actually sugar? And, if so, do you have a mold for them or did you purchase them somewhere?

Thanks tons for your page! It's absolutely fabulous!

PS- So sorry about someone taking credit for your hard work. It's terrible how often that happens.