Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Bit Better

I had a fairly busy day yesterday, though I'm not certain that the coupon code sale had anything to do with it. I just managed to keep adding tasks to my own queue. There was schooling and laundry and dishes. Laundry is getting particularly annoying as winter creeps up and there are so many more clothes in there. It seems doing it now lasts the whole of the day.

During schooling, I sold a few patterns and a dream catcher. So right after, I had plenty to do. I listed the new purple split ring necklaces. Both are in the same listing since they do look remarkably similar. After that I worked on making up another dream catcher while becoming a bit of a pest online with the sale announcements. I made up the graphic at the bottom of the page to post around in an effort to be eye catching.

I was also handling a shipping request issue. I had a potential International customer that was looking into expedited shipping. I assumed it was far too expensive, but after some back and forth, I was off on an errand to the post office to fetch the right boxes to ship their order. People occasionally surprise me. Then I got a call from my sister with a request to watch her kids today. This of course means that today will be chaos and I will likely get little done. I did start another split ring and bead necklace yesterday that I can mindlessly work on if given any time. This one is in light greens.

So I leave you today with this large sale image that includes the active coupon codes and links to the shop. Please do share the sale with anyone who might be interested and since I didn't put the etsy shop address on there it's: http://totusmel.etsy.com


God's Kid said...

Everything looks fabulous!!! :)

Meg said...

Just wanted to let you know - yesterday I was in a local craft supply store called AC Moore and found a display of steampunk charms, some of which might look cool inside a tatted ring. I don't think AC Moore is in CA but you might find something similar in a Michaels, if you're interested.

Have a lovely holiday.