Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Tried

Well that was a bit of an odd Monday. I oscillated back and forth between cleaning and tatting with just a bit of lazy stalling thrown in for good measure. The husband had it in his mind to clean our bathroom counters, so I cleaned the floors downstairs and since it's been getting colder in the morning, I cleaned out behind the gas fireplace grills where apparently spiders think it's great to hang out. Then I spent far too long cleaning up my supplies as I searched for jump rings that had gone missing. I found them, but I really need to order more of so many things. Unfortunately that will have to wait until sales pick up so you know, I can pay for them.

By the afternoon, we were all ready to do a little nothing, so we put on the extended edition of the Hobbit and while that was on I managed to not only finish all the tatting I needed to get done, but also started making more needle felted soot sprites. I decided that they would look great as ornaments, so I put some head pins through them and gave them a ring to hang from. Of course I didn't take a picture of them then, but they're cute either way.

I've got all the tatting I had in queue to be done, done so I'm not certain what I'll get up to later today. I do have yet another teacher meeting to go to this morning, this time for the youngest child. There are a lot more meetings with two different teachers than we had with one. I miss having just one. Oh, well. That means school will go longer today, so hopefully something interesting will happen between now and then so I'll have plenty to keep me from lazy.

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