Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Good Day

I had quite a lovely, busy, rainy day around here. First thing in the morning, after I wrote, I got a request for three dream catchers. Then right after schooling I got an order in that included a custom purple one. So it's fairly safe to say that just like I thought, I was making dream catchers all day. Instead of it being busy work though, they all have homes to go to and you know how much better I like that work.

I didn't do much else besides them though. They take around an hour to make each. Covering the ring and weaving the web are both more time consuming than their size lets on. I was also very pleased  to be sending off another of the asymmetric necklaces to a wonderful new owner. It really was a lovely day in the shop and I am really hoping that it's the beginning of a nice streak and not just a fluke.

I think I'll use today to make another asymmetric necklace to replace the one that sold. It was the smaller design, so the next one likely to be very much like the last one. It won't be exact, but the fewer the rings the easier it is to recreate. Aside from that, the day is wide open. It's still pretty rainy out which I am actually enjoying, but it does mean I need more external forces to keep me on task, so here's to another day just like the last one with plenty of motivation.

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Synderai said...

I love the purple, it's so dreamy. Nice work!