Monday, November 4, 2013


Happy Monday all. Man, do I dislike the time change. I'm certain that I have mentioned that I have 6 cats, but have I mentioned that I made the mistake of feeding them when I wake in the morning? This means that when the time changes, they attempt to wake me at the previously established breakfast time. Their waking method can be...aggressive and it take days for them to adjust to the new routine. Yes, I am aware this is all my own fault for feeding them in the morning in the first place, but you can't go back, now can you?

In other weekend recap news, I haven't much news. There were a few errands and a little tatting, but not really all that much else. In fact the most interesting thing we did we go out to dinner with friends on Saturday. I can't tell you how much I enjoy getting out and listening to other people talk. It was a real joy to get out and talk to adults for a bit.

Now, it's Monday and I have a few pieces in queue to be tatted and later this week there's a school field trip on a train to Sacramento. They've done this trip in the past and it's one of our favorites, but it is all day long. That just means I spend much of the rest of the week before it getting more work done and catching up after the trip. I think I'm ready for the week. Now if only I could get the television advertisers to lay off the Christmas crap for a few more weeks, then it would be a perfect.

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