Monday, November 18, 2013

One Of 'Those' Weekends know how occasionally the Universe throws so many small things at us at once that it snowballs into a really bad day? Yeah, I had one of those weekends. I was feeling a bit off by Friday morning, some pain, some unpleasant symptoms, but I was sure I could keep it at bay with copious amounts of water. Then the kitchen faucet broke on us. I thought I might be able to fix it. I'm fairly handy, but I'm also aware of my own limitations and I backed off after dissembling it and finding more broken bits inside. I spent much of the day with our friend who is luckily a skilled contractor, helping to fix it. He was in and out fetching parts so I got little done until late afternoon when I finished and listed the latest asymmetric necklace. The faucet is fixed though and man am I grateful to know people who will rescue us.

This necklace was much bigger than the last, and it's still in the shop. I'm not done making these yet either. Saturday seemed better, but I was feeling a bit worse. I got out to Michael's and picked up more metal rings. It does seem that they are regularly stocked, so you should be able to find them. They come in a variety pack with some hammered rings that are open, so I don't use those, but the others are perfect. I even managed to work on another necklace, this time much smaller. I haven't quite put this one together yet, but it will be just these three rings.

Sunday was a complete wash as I developed a new symptom first thing in the morning that encouraged me to spend the rest of the  morning in the Urgent Care getting seen by a doctor. It of course turns out that I do have an infection, the sort of which you don't really need more details on. To add to the weekend's joy, the medications I was given are giving me a horrible headache, they're clearly working, but the headache is certainly not. So as you can imagine the rest of Sunday was laying about trying to not cause any more issues. Today, it's back to schooling though, headache or not. Then I will get the new necklace completed and listed. I'm still waiting for the shop to pick up, though I have sold a few more patterns than usual. I need to get holiday shopping myself, but I really shouldn't until I have more, you know, money. Alright then, off to experience Monday, here's to wonderful week.

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Meg said...

I'm sorry you're sick; I get headaches too so I know what that's like. I'll send some Reiki, and I hope you feel better soon.