Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So Lazy

I'm afraid I had a bit of a lazy day yesterday. I just wasn't feeling up to doing much, so I didn't. Instead of playing with the snowflake pattern, I just worked on finishing the extra pair of ankle corsets. So I have no tatting to show you. I didn't even do any chores yesterday because I wanted to save them for today. Our field trip is tomorrow, so I wanted everything done right before it. There were also no orders to give me something focused to do, so I remained lazy.

This does mean today should be at least a little busy. I have all the chores I saved, plus making sure we have a little more schooling done to make up for the mostly lost day tomorrow. Then hopefully I'll be burdened with something to tat up for the shop. I do have another piece in queue I could get to, but for some reason I feel odd making barefoot sandals as the weather cools down. I have to remind myself that it's Spring in the other hemisphere and they might sell there. And that's it, I've got nothing else to share, so I guess, have a great day all and cross your fingers that mine is more interesting so you won't have to read another day of this sort of mindless nonsense in a row.

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