Thursday, November 14, 2013

One More

The morning was sucked away by schooling and errand running. Unfortunately the oldest child has reached a point in her math where I must be more attentive so I can help out more. So she waits to do math until I'm finished teaching her sister making schooling last at least an hour longer. I was so lucky that up til now she was able to get everything she needed from the computer and text book and still understand, but I knew this day was coming and I accept my role.
After lunch I got the new asymmetric necklace all finished up and listed. I made it longer initially, but quickly realized that longer is bad with all those metal covered rings. Every time I leaned down it folded in on itself. So I gave it less chain and it sits perfectly. Though I don't know why I'm trying to play up the design right now, since it did in fact sell last night. That is a rare enough occurrence, to sell something the same day,  that it always put a fine smile on my face. Now the question is, should I make another one straight away? I mean, they always come out different, but perhaps there were more than one person that really did want one. It's not like I have any other pressing projects.

Before this sold though, I used my time to make up another one off piece. I found these square wood beads that were in a clearance bag years ago. They're not really my style so I haven't bothered using them up until now.I just made a good long string of them between split rings. In fact I made it long enough that I closed the necklace and it slips over ones head, no clasps needed. I'll get this one listed later today, assuming that school doesn't take over the whole day.

I may have my mother-in-law over today for a crochet tutorial in the afternoon. When she wants to make something she hasn't tried before, she pops by for a consultation. So I'm not sure what else I'll get done while we do that. I'll go ahead and cross my fingers again for some great order or project to present itself. I am really getting antsy for the busy season to finally begin.


Madtatter80 said...

Cool rings and nice natural look on second one

craftie sylvie said...

Indeed, more than one person would have liked to wear this beauty. Too bad, I was too late !

God's Kid said...

Love the black necklace!! :)
The other is quite unique! :)