Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Boredom struck again yesterday while I was making up another pair of ankle corsets to have on hand. I wanted to do something new, but I didn't have any really good ideas. After about the 10th Christmas commercial, I decided to use my rage over said commercials and make a snowflake, but in black because that's how I roll. It wasn't perfect out of the gate, but I always like a little Celtic look so I was willing to work on it.

 Like tatted hearts, there are probably hundreds of snowflake patterns, so I really don't know how original this one is.  I took another go at the design in gray because I wanted to make it easier to create. The second time I actually made the outside section first and then the inside so the outside could have nice flowing chains instead of awkward joins. It certain looks better, but it's still a bit fiddly to make. I'm still trying to decide whether I should make up a pdf pattern for this to sell or should I just make them for the shop. There are plenty of other tatters making snowflakes and I just hate to step into other folks established domain. I guess time will tell.

I might play with this some more today or I might get back to work on the ankle corsets. I'm hoping I get some orders so the decision of what to tat with my time will be made for me. It's always better when I'm creating for other people.


God's Kid said...

Great design!! :)

Deana MacKenzie said...

looking good and looks like it would be fun to tat up. It does look somewhat familiar but I have no idea from where. You do such amazing work I can't figure out where all your ideas come from but sure do wish I had that imagination. I'm no good without a pattern to follow.