Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

I absolutely adore it when the Universe listens and grants me my silly requests. Yesterday was a busy, busy day. We had to be quick with schooling to get to the oldest child's teacher meeting. Even so, we still had more to do when we got home, taking us right up to lunch time. After lunch, I had promised to put up more sugar skull pieces in the window with the kids and then we decided to make more skeleton cookies. This time we did snicker-doodles...they didn't look great, but they were tasty.

All this family time put me pretty late in starting some tatting for the day, so I really concentrated to get as much done as possible, still I didn't even finish the pair of ankle corsets I was working on. This is a shame because while I was working, I sold the last pair I had on hand as well as a few other pieces. This means I now have a full queue of items to remake again.

Today is not only Halloween, which means a trip to the Husband's job with the kids for trick-or-treating in the afternoon, but it's also my Mother's birthday. So with all that and plenty to get tatted up and schooling, I have yet another busy day on my hands. Man, do I wish this was a Friday.

Happy Halloween to you all...once tomorrow hits, Christmas will be everywhere and personally, I'll start getting a tad annoyed that they can't wait until after Thanksgiving. For today though, enjoy. I'll be handing out unsold tatted spiders to all the adults I run into I think.

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Madtatter80 said...

Well today will be going by fast and I know what you mean about Friday! They say it may rain here too that wont help me. Good news on you sales, congrats on that!