Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just Like Yesterday

Some days are so very nearly the same as the one that preceded them, I feel odd bothering to write about them at all. Of course you also know that by the point I am somewhat compulsive about writing daily whether I should or not. Yesterday was, as you've already guessed, a repeat of Monday.

After schooling wrapped, which was a bit later than usual, I dug through my collection of beads to find as many as would fit the size and shape needed for spiders and I tatted. I made up spiders all day while catching up on all my recorded shows. By the time I was finally finished with the pile of beads, I had enough spiders for 14 sets of 6 when added to the ones done before. I did, however, use up all the beads that would work, so I'm done with spiders now. Either I hopefully, sell all of them, save the left overs for next year, or I give them away on Halloween. Whatever way it plays out, I'm done making them.

Of course that means I need to find something else to occupy my tatting time. I might actually have to get to designing again, but every time I say that I think, what else can I do? I mean I've designed so much already, why do I think there is anything left in me to create? I know that's nonsense, I'll think of something, but I really am afraid that one day I will run out of ideas and then what? Well, I suppose that's enough existential anguish for the morning, I do have things to get to after all. The day waits for no one.

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