Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stand Up

If there's one thing that ruins the possibility of a lazy day, it's housework. Specifically that housework that really can't wait, like laundry and dishes. So with that on the agenda yesterday, I was far less lazy than the previous day. Schooling also ran longer than usual because we needed to collect work samples to turn in and I confess we do far more work online or verbally than on paper. This is partly by design of the program and partly because I am generally more concerned with making sure they are learning than I am with a perfectly written paper. I know, I need to change my expectations.

After schooling and in between the other chores I managed to complete both masks that needed to be finished. I've also decided that whenever I am just working on orders or remaking pieces that I'm going to just go ahead and take an abstract photo so I can have some lace to share in the blog at the very least.

I also got an order in yesterday for a pair of ankle corsets, so I started remaking a pair of those. It's actually been some time since I sold some, so the pattern didn't immediately come to mind. There were a couple of false starts before I really got the rhythm of the piece. Speaking of rhythm, well not, I decided to give tatting while standing a try. This relates to rhythm only in the sense that I was listening to music at the time. I realized that I sit far too much because I am working and I wondered if I could stand and still tat at full speed. I knew I could tat standing, I just didn't know how much it would slow me down. Not as much as I feared, it turns out. So I am going to make an effort to do so at least for a time everyday.

Of course as I made this decision, I was confronted with my lazy lounging cats and wondered why it is that they can lounge and it doesn't shorten their lifespan, but we sit for too long and we lose years even if we exercise. Ah, the cruelty of life. Well, I have those ankle corsets to work on today as well as a teacher meeting in the middle of the morning. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and the orders keep steadily coming in to keep me busy and standing.

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