Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New and Eyeballs

After schooling was wrapped and lunch, I just picked up my needle and thread and started doodling with them. Sometimes when I doodle, I at least have a bit of a picture in my head to guide me, this time it was pure and aimless. After just a few elements I saw the pattern emerge. It had a nice bit of stretch to it and it was quick and easy so I turned it first into a bracelet length and then a necklace length. I haven't bothered with hardware yet, that's for today, but once they were lying side by side, another pattern emerged.

It took a little while to figure out the best way to turn the design to
the second side and working the second side backwards was fiddly. It would probably have been easier had I worked them separately instead of in one round, but I quite liked the negative space so I kept right on working. I made this one to bracelet length as well and added a hook while working, so technically this one is done. I thought about making this version choker length as well, but the final design is just too thick to be comfortable around the neck. It would get all folded up while worn as well.

Once all that was made, I decided that I would save finishing and listing for today to give myself something that needed to be done. Then I happened upon this short how-to video on Etsy for making needle felted bloodshot eyeballs. Since I had all the needed materials and I found them adorable, I spent the rest of my evening stabbing wool to make them. I kept working on them while watching our evening television, so I have four of them now. They're even all about the same size, which I was pretty sure I couldn't accomplish given that I have felted for at least a year.

So to recap, new bracelets and necklace were tatted and will be finished and listed today. Felted eyeballs are fun to make and I'll probably make more of those too unless I get some sales to give me something more important to do. Either way, I guess I'm good.

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Madtatter80 said...

interesting eyeball that felted, always love your black tatting!