Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back To Boring

Well, yesterday's doctor appointment certainly put an odd pause in the middle of the day, but I still managed to get some tatting done after lunch. Nothing new of course, so you just get a random, in progress picture. This one is a necklace being remade after I finished a mask.

I also had a custom request to field throughout the day. One of the amazing things about Etsy, is selling to an international base.  Conversely, one of the frustrating things about that is communicating with people far outside your time zone. Sometimes it takes days to complete a simply conversation because waking hours don't coincide. Despite all the extra complication involved, I woke to their custom order being purchased, so that's my task for today.

The order is a set made to match an existing earring design I have listed with a custom made necklace that will be entirely new, so at least I will have something fresh to show you tomorrow. Other than that though, it's going to be a nice, quiet, routine day, no extra errands, appointments or guests to clean for. This pleases me, as routine, next to busy, is my favorite place. No, I don't care how boring that makes me sound, structure is my friend.

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