Wednesday, October 16, 2013


What a long, but lovely day. We finished up schooling early enough that I was able to get a few more bits of cleaning in before my grandpa arrived at lunch time. The children and I had a fine time talking and entertaining. The youngest even used her reading time to read out loud to her great-grandpa. Of course the only time I got in some tatting was when he decided to go take a walk, which he often does while visiting. It wasn't long until the husband came home and my in-laws arrived for dinner and there was more talking and entertaining.

The shop seems to be on a small roll as I got another order yesterday. This just makes a queue of things needing remaking that much longer. I still have to school the children today, guest or not and I will still have to get to some of this tatting as well. Speaking of tatting, I do have one tatting story that my grandpa told me. He rode some commuter train into Salt Lake City while working at a library there recently and a lady who was one of the regulars tatted on the train. He said that as the other regulars got interested in what she was doing, she actually started teaching classes on the train. So, I don't know who you are, Utah train tatter, but well done. I find that someone is always fascinated when I tat in public. I am not often out to do that though.

So today I will try to make a dent in that queue and this evening we have another get together planned with more of the family. Luckily the house is already clean because I'm not sure I have anymore cleaning energy left in my at all.


Madtatter80 said...

sounds like a nice visit and always have to work the home schooling in too. It's great you can organize your time and do all you do it's inspiring!

Frances said...

Your Grandpa's story of the lady teaching tatting on the train brought back memories for me. Back in the late 80's that happened to me. I was tatting an edging for a christening dress, and a lady asked me what I was doing and I taught her to tat over several weeks on our 40min train trip every morning and we did this for about a year. It was great to tat with another person. Thank you for the memory restoration.