Friday, October 25, 2013


As usual, once the idea for a new piece was in my head, little could keep me from playing at it. First I did remake the bracelet for the shop. I even further modified it to a size I liked a bit better than the one custom made. It's still a little big for me, but I have stick wrists, so it should fit an average wrist just fine.

Once that was done, I got to thinking about the idea I had had while writing yesterday morning. I thought that perhaps the necklace would have more presence if I gave it a three motif arch instead of a single pendant like the custom order. It still needed to be adjusted though. The bracelet has three, but it's meant to lay mostly flat. I wanted the ones on the necklace to curve and that meant more join changes and more stitch count changes as well. These are the sort of things I should have mucked with when I first played with the original antique pattern. I must have been feeling particularly lazy then.

As you can see, no hardware on the necklace, so I'll get to that today. Then I suppose I could get back to the mask that needs remaking. It's far too late for it to see Halloween, but I actually tend to sell more masks in late winter for Masquerade balls. Nothing too interesting came along yesterday, so that's all I've got for you.  I'll just keep working and hopefully something new and interesting will pop up this weekend.

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