Thursday, October 3, 2013


With no more spiders to make, I thought at first of making a mask that "might" be lost in the post. There's still a little time before I can really consider it gone since it has left to another country and the tracking at least takes it there so far, but since I hadn't much else to do, that's what I started with.

After schooling I wanted to do something new though, so I put away the mask and started to doodle. I literally had no idea what I was doing. I had no concept in mind, but just started tatting anyway. I'm not sure what I thought I was making, but it started to have a bit of a triangle shape so I went back in and made a few more rings. It's no usually my style to make a piece in small sections as I much prefer tatting pieces in one or two rounds, but even though I tried to go back and work the new rings in, I had to do them separately.

Even at this point, I had no idea what it was going to grow up to be, but a little more doodling and I decided it was going to grow up to be a choker necklace. Adding the necklace portion did fundamentally change the shape of the original motif, but I still liked it so I kept working. It was also suggested that it needed a matching bracelet so I went back and worked out a new side section to create that as well. It only looks good as a bracelet if it's worn low on the wrist over the hand, but that works for me.

I didn't do any finishing work on either piece, so that's what I'll get up to later today. They both need to be pressed and get clasps put on and then if the fates are with me, they'll get named and listed today as well. I think I'm also gong to make up a third piece of at least the motif as a prototype to keep on hand because if I don't do at least that, I'll have to write down the pattern. You know I won't do that, but the design is unusual so if I have to remake it in a year, I'll just stare at it all confused like without a prototype. I guess that gives me plenty to do today and you know how much i like to be busy.