Wednesday, August 21, 2013


First of all, I want to thank a few people who sent me messages and left comments regarding my oldest's writing issue. I mean I knew she wasn't alone, but as I related those messages to her, I think it really helped. She is a bright kid, but absolutely afraid of failing. I am happy to report that she skipped right off to write in her journal after schooling and was quite proud of herself. I'm sure we've by no means gotten completely past the issue, but this was certainly a step in the right direction.

In fact all of schooling was quick and easy yesterday even though we had science experiments at the end, or maybe it was looking forward to those that kept them in such a compliant mood. Either way it was a good morning.

I didn't sit down to tat until after lunch so I still didn't manage to finish the mask I was working on. Hopefully I get it wrapped today. I am starting to feel the need to design something again. I don't know what, but with the slow sales keeping me from having the production work to keep me busy half the day and schooling taking up the other half, I'm feeling creatively unfulfilled. Of course I would be just as happy to have a big order to work on. So I guess what I'm saying is I'm getting bored with half my day again and I need tatting to come to the rescue. I suppose I'll just keep working and at some point something will click.

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Madtatter80 said...

I guess I tat for my self and then let other things fall into place.