Tuesday, August 20, 2013


You know how some weeks have Monday's that feel like Monday's. Yeah, it was one of those. There was laundry to do and clothes to mend and glorious moment of child melting down over a simple school assignment. The oldest hates writing. It's not that she isn't creative or smart, there's just some sort of road block between her head and the piece of paper that causes severe anxiety. There's nothing for  it except to keep pushing until she breaks down, writes and then realizes that it wasn't so hard in the first place. Of course by that time I'm ready to have a breakdown too. Oh well, the best way out is always through.

To take the edge off after schooling was wrapped, we went outside and collected flowers to press. We had gotten these presses on clearance at Michael's a couple of weeks ago. I love doing projects that they have to wait a long time to see finished. In our crazy, instant gratification world, it takes effort to teach patience, but they need that skill so very much.

Of course the side effect of this rough morning was a laziness took me right over and while I started to tat a mask, I barely made a dent in it. No sales and little activity online at all furthered my laziness. Not to mention the odd weather. It was hot, cloudy and by the evening we had a good old fashioned thunder and lightning storm, which we never get. Maybe I was just overheated and confused.

Today, I really am going to try and get that mask made up after schooling and hopefully my return to productivity will spur a couple more sales so I can stay productive. Here's hoping anyway.


Unknown said...

Is your daughter gifted by chance? I have one and the first thing your told is that gifted children won't try something if they think that they might fail. It's good for them to try though, fail or not. It's about facing fears I think, when everything comes so easily most of the time. Best of luck teaching this year.

I think your sales will pick up now that vacations are almost over. Love your work btw!

Unknown said...

My 18 year old son has had the exact same problem since the first grade. We finally discovered when he was in middle school that he has high functioning Aspergers, which is on the Autism Spectrum. Finding that out and getting him tested was the best thing to happen to him. He's brilliant but has a very difficult time communicating under pressure and almost has an anxiety attack if he has to write. We decided to have him work on a summer project to keep him in the groove since he discovered it's easier that way. I had him pick funny pictures and then come up with a short(2-3 sentances) story about it. He ended up writing an elaborate story where everything was tied together.

Unknown said...
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