Thursday, August 22, 2013


Another smooth day of schooling. I'll probably stop mentioning all this schooling business as it fades into routine, but honestly I'm just so pleased that it's going so well already. I mean it is our fifth year, but I was afraid of this year as both the kids really get their workload increased, but they are rising to the challenge and I am determined to rise as well.

I sat about for a while after finally finishing that bloody mask I was working on when I remembered that I wanted to make something new. I decided that I had made too many pendant, earring combos recently and I certainly wasn't up for mask creation. I looked at how many bracelet designs I had and decided that what I needed was to try a nice large collar necklace. It's been awhile since I'd created more than just a simple necklace. It took forever to make up, but I've got just the base row of the collar done, a nice simple zigzag with a bit of a curve. The idea is to build one similar to the old classic collars with multiple elements, so I picked a base row with strength and stability.

Next I started looking at old collars to decide on the next sort of element and while I'm still working that it out and I picked this one for either the middle or bottom row. I won't use it as is, too many picots for one and the size is wrong as is, as well. I suppose that's where I begin today, working on re-imagining this two level clover section. I certainly have my work cut out for me with this. It would have been much easier to just modify an existing collar, but I wanted my own with the feeling of the past and my own, hopefully unique voice. At least I have something to show you for awhile as I work this out. Here's hoping it does, in fact, work out.

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Madtatter80 said...

looks like this will work out, and it's a good idea to leave out the picots I see what you mean. It's fun to design as you go. And sometimes I go back and say "What was I thinking?" :)