Thursday, August 8, 2013


Well things were looking up a bit yesterday, but only after a bit more down. The other custom order I was waiting on also came to naught, so once that was known I went ahead and started to work on mask prepping. Unlike almost everything else I make, masks require a little prep work, mainly the making of eye wires. I never just make one pair either. I pulled out the wire and made some in black and some in silver. I even made a couple extra for the eye patch design. Once I had a nice size pile, I started to work on one of the masks listed in the shop as a custom order and therefore not currently made.

Then as I was feeling fairly productive I got an order for a custom necklace and some barefoot sandals. I have to wait until I get some crystals I ordered in until I can make the necklace, but I took a nice mask break to remake the pair of barefoot sandals. I also got calls from both the kids coordinating teachers so the start of homeschooling year seems even closer today. Time actually seems to be moving forward again. I wasn't certain it was after the last few days.

I may not have a bunch of orders to finish today, but I do have a mask to work on and a pile of wire ready for me to make more if I need to, just one last episode of Sherlock series 2 to watch and a nice cooler than usual day ahead. Just a few more days of summer vacation left, let's hope they are all good ones.

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Madtatter80 said...

Enjoy seeing the prep work. great post!