Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Yesterday was a complete and utter wash. I sent out communications early in the morning to the two custom order requests. Then I waited, and waited, and waited some more. While I heard back from one with a couple of back and forth questions, but neither moved to a point where I could work on them at all. Again, this is all part of doing business, but since both of these requests came with a hard deadline, the delay in starting them puts me in a stressful spot. If they wait much longer, I have to say, sorry, not enough time now. I dislike ever having to do that. I know it's not my problem as I shared that I needed to start very soon in order to get them done, but still.

I suppose the worst of it is that I got so little else done in the meantime, afraid of getting involved in something big and having to stop mid project. Instead I worked on cat ear headbands since each ear is done in three rounds and they are all short ones, I can put them down quite quickly. Plus I figured with Halloween just around the bend, having more of those made and ready to ship can't hurt.

Today should be more of the same I'm afraid. More waiting for the go ahead to work and making cat ears in the meantime. I'm crossing my fingers that the custom orders will be resolved one way or the other today. I really don't care at this point if they will need to be made or not, I just want a definitive answer so I can stop all this waiting. I am not good at waiting. I am good at working, so I'm crossing my fingers that I get to do some of that today.

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